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Virtual Open House

and Tips for Home Buyers and Sellers

In depth Video Walkthroughs of Properties in and around Los Angeles County

In every video walkthrough I do my best to convey knowledge and tips for Home Buyers and Sellers.  Everything from qualifying for home loan programs, home inspections, appraisals, negotiating, and dealing with the "ups" and "downs" of this roller coaster ride known and Real Estate.  I take pride in the work that I do and I am grateful for the people that give me the opportunity to guide them to accomplish their goal in buying or selling Real Estate.  At face value that is what the world sees, but I know better.  I know that properties are attached to real families and circumstance, situations, legacies...a wealth of reasons that drive us to take action in the realm where Value is determined by the eye of the beholder (and those pesky appraisers...sometimes :D) 

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